Why Gazebos Are Becoming a Popular Feature in Perth Homes

Gazebos win the award for the most visually interesting out of the three main outdoor structures. As opposed to their counterparts – pergolas and patios, gazebos are freestanding constructions in either an octagon or polygon shape. These classic designs are usually positioned as focal point in the outdoor space, encouraging homeowners to relax and gaze out into the garden. Funnily enough, this is exactly where they get their name from!

To correspond with this, gazebos have an open upper section to allow full views of the outdoor space. It’s the visual appeal of this fascinating structures that make them a popular feature in Perth homes. There’s no denying how much us Aussies love utilising the outdoors for entertaining and living, and investing in a gazebo is the ultimate cream of the crop. Here’s why more homeowners are opting for a gazebo in their Perth homes:

Adds Value to Your Property

Homeowners will almost always invest in a gazebo or pergola for the added value it adds to your home. As outdoor spaces boom in popularity, it makes sense to have all the trappings to craft an oasis that ticks every box. And the exceptional appeal of a pergola does just the trick. Any permanent structure will naturally boost your property’s return of investment. Gazebos take this attraction to the next level though, and act as unique selling point for interested buyers come selling time.

A Uniquely Attractive Outdoor Solution

Patios and pergolas are both very similar in style. Whilst they both provide a fantastic outdoor solution that’s functional and attractive, it’s the gazebo design that really takes architecture and backyard appeal to the next level. They have the most decorative characteristics of the three structures and because they are freestanding, it creates an additional space to the home that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing in.

One of the main reasons why homeowners invest in a pergola or gazebo is to gain this extra room outside. Whilst pergolas are usually joined to the actual house, gazebos offer something completely different without taking away the opportunity to provide the additional living space.

Shelter, Seating and Entertaining

As creatures of comfort, it’s important to have all the necessary additions we require inside, outside. Shelter and ample seating is vital for a space to feel inviting. Gazebos can be designed at any size to fit the right amount of seating options inside it. Depending on your entertaining essentials, a table and comfy couches can be added too. In terms of shelter and shade, the roof of a gazebo is as solid as you can get. It’s able to provide protection from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

Whilst the upper part of the gazebo is open to welcome the views, this part of the structure can be screened to warn of insects, add a level of privacy or shelter from the wind and rain. The lower section is made from solid railings and the open ‘door’ part of the gazebo can have curtains or a privacy screen added, if need be.

Functional and Sculptural

When a pergola, patio or gazebo structure adds an extra room to your property, your outdoor space is immediately more functional. It doesn’t matter so much what you want to achieve in your new backyard room – drinking tea in the afternoon, wines with friends on the weekend or relaxing with a book and a beer during the week, a gazebo structure is open to it all, making it a purposeful solution to any space.

The sculptural design of the gazebo makes it one of the most distinguishing designs of all the structures. Still, this style can be customised to reflect your home’s existing architecture and colour scheme. For more information about how we can help at Patios Plus, contact us today.

Tips on How to Create Your Dream Patio

Here in Western Australia we’re blessed with a gorgeous climate which means we have long hot summers and relatively warm, albeit slightly wet, winters. If you’re a homeowner, part of creating a cosy family home is having a functional yet stylish outdoor area.

If your backyard consists of grass or paving and not much else, you might be considering adding a patio area. Patios create an extra usable and covered outdoor space, effectively adding another room to your home. Creating your dream patio isn’t as hard as you might think – with some careful consideration and planning, you can have a dream outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come. A new and high quality patio will also have the added benefit of improving the value of your home.

Here are our top tips on how to create your dream patio which you can enjoy come rain or shine.

Consider Your Needs
First you need to think about who will be using your patio and what it will be used for. What kind of furniture will you have? Will there be a separate area for the kids? Do you want to include a BBQ area or an outdoor kitchen? If there is a pool nearby you’ll need to check the patio structure will integrate well and not interfere with your existing pool fencing.

Select Your Style
Next, it’s time to choose the style of patio you would like. You’ll need to select a style that will complement your home and not look completely out of keeping with it. You don’t want your patio to stick out like a sore thumb; you want it to blend in with your home as a natural extension.

Some of the different styles of patios you could choose are gable, dome, skillion and pyramid-shaped patio structures. Gable patios are popular with many Perth home owners and are ideal for entertaining areas that run alongside the length of your home in the backyard.

Use Quality Products
If you’re installing a new patio, don’t scrimp on cheap products just to keep your initial costs down. This can ultimately result in false economy as you may be replacing elements much sooner than you’d imagine. Cheap products don’t last as long as good quality ones so while high quality may cost a little more initially, in the long run you’ll actually be saving money.

At Patio Plus WA, we use the highest quality patio roofing options which include Solarspan, Suntuf SolarSmart and ColorBond. All of these products come with manufacturer’s warranties which mean that they will stand the test of time. Western Australia’s climate can be a mix of extremes from 40-degree summer days to stormy and cold wintery nights and any patio structure you install needs to be able to withstand the elements.

Find A Reliable Patio Builder
Here at Patio Plus WA, you can rely on us to create your dream patio just the way you want it. With so many patio builders in Perth to choose from, it can be hard to know who to pick. We offer only the highest quality products and also offer a DIY patio option where we supply all the materials and you install it yourself. If you’d rather not take on another DIY project at home, we can also install your patio for you. We also back up our products and workmanship with guarantees.

If you’re looking for your dream patio, then talk to us. At Patio Plus WA, we install a range of patios, as well as pergolas and carports. Contact us today for a free measure and quote.

How to Create a Patio Which Suits the Style of Your Home

Regardless of what the weather throws at you, a well-designed patio space is an additional room that can be utilised all year round. As creatures of comfort Aussies crave an entertaining and living area that ticks all the boxes. And as patios boom in popularity, it makes sense for more homeowners to invest in an outdoor area that really hits home. Adding a patio or pergola is one of the best ways to boost the appeal and usability of alfresco space. Not to mention too, the significant value it will add to your property.

Patios provide a charming and aesthetically pleasing way to transform the home and give your living space some TLC. It also formed the foundation for further outdoor renovations or decorations down the track. If you’ve decided to upgrade your outdoor space, investing in a patio can be the perfect way to encourage a healthy dose of entertaining and relaxation. Here’s a few tips to design a space that complements your home:

Work with Your Home’s Current Architecture
A well-designed patio area creates space and versatility, but it’s important it merges seamlessly with your current setup. Because the patio becomes an extension of the property, it offers a unique opportunity to expand your living situation. Think extra seating, more cooking and entertaining space, additional greenery, lighting, colour and personality.

Whilst you want to add your own flavour to the design, finding a style that compliments your home’s current architecture will offer a better return of investment come selling time. Pick out the best features of the property and find ways to implement these into the patio design. A professional patio company will be able to tailor existing styles and designs to suit your home and make its best features shine.

Match Your Style, Wants and Needs
After you’ve taken your home’s current architecture and colour scheme into consideration, you want to ensure your new patio reflects your own style too. These spaces are renowned for creating visual appeal, so you have a fun opportunity to let those creative juices flow and make a statement that’s bold and inviting.

Patio roofing styles and materials used are a good place to start. The style of patio can vary greatly from gable patios to skillion roofs, dome and pyramids. Your chosen patio company will be able to offer some advice as to what style best suits your property if you’re stuck on where to start. To determine what materials to use, consider where you live and the weather conditions all year round, your home’s current architecture and what you find the most visually appealing too.

Use a Professional Patio Company
When you choose to work with a professional patio company, they’ll be able to offer advice as to what style of space will suit your home best, including colour scheme and material option ideas too. Some professional patio companies will also offer in-house designers. Where possible, choose a company that can provide this service; even if you have a good idea on what you’re wanting, they can be effective in turning your vision into the final product. Start by creating a list of key features you want your patio to include and work with the in-house designers to bounce ideas off one another.

Make it an Extension of Your Home
Investing in a patio is the best way to add space to your home. Acting as an additional room, these outdoor spaces are effective in merging the indoor and outdoor worlds together. Thus, it’s vital to incorporate all the comforts from inside to your new space. Shade matters; and an efficiently designed patio space can actually help to lower your home’s running costs by keeping the direct sunlight of your windows. To incorporate
ample shade, make use of outdoor blinds and smart landscaping techniques. Patio furniture will help to join your new space with the inside of your home, as will outdoor kitchens (or a simple fire pit table or BBQ grill area), focal lighting and entertainment connectivity.

Implement Colour and Comfort
To add the final touches to your patio, colour and comfort are paramount. Create a space that’s cosy – just because it’s outside, doesn’t mean it has to be filled with furniture that’s uncomfortable and harsh. Wicker furniture is a popular option and can be dressed up with a mix of bright throws and pillows. Bring life into the space and create your own personal oasis through colour schemes and fresh additions. Comfort isn’t just about kicking back on a good chair; it’s also about crafting a space that connects with you.

Adding a vertical wall can bring in lush greens and fresh flowers or herbs and works beautifully even if it’s only a small space. Pick one or two of your favourite colours from inside and implement outside. Stick with neutral shades, especially if you’re planning on selling in the next 12 months, and use only 2-3 bold colours to compliment. Don’t forget, colour isn’t just about paint! Throws, pillows, bright potted flowers and garden vegetables all add some liveliness to the space too.